Study Areas

It consists of a common study area and group study rooms. It provides 24/7 comfortable study space for students.


Fully Equipped Drawing Room

Illuminated and non-illuminated architectural drawing tables are available for specifically for architecture, fashion/graphic design students.


Restaurant / Café / Canteen

In our café and restaurant you will have pleasant conversations, delicious food and refreshing drinks. You can taste our delicious food and savor the fresh air while on the terraces, or you can just sit in the café and sip a cup of coffee while reading your books. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Students who are looking for alternative tastes from restaurant meals use the café or canteen.


The Conference Room

The venue for various discussions and conferences is also open for use by students when needed.


Social Activity Room

The private space where students sit on the sofas and chat with their friends and have fun playing board games.


TV Room

Located inside of the social activity room, TV Room is open for all the students who want to watch a program on a big screen.


DVD Room

In addition to watching their own DVDs, students also have the opportunity to watch movies with a popcorn accompaniment at the occasional movie nights.



Students use the equipments at the GYM as much as they wish.


Students’ Kitchen

Students’ kitchen is located in the restaurant area where students can cook their own meals.